We are Uni4 Marketing

Managing director

Ulf Gabrielsson

CEO+46 70 3470350ulf.gabrielsson@nulluni4marketing.se

Area sales manager

Anders Söderlund

Area Sales Manager+46 70 6097594a.soderlund@nulluni4marketing.se

Egypt and Libya

Bassel Matar

Area sales manager+46 70 6097595b.matar@nulluni4marketing.se

Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan

Ulf Gabrielsson

CEO+46 70 3470350ulf.gabrielsson@nulluni4marketing.se

Middle East and Pakistan

Sales Support and Coordination

Heidi Lind

Sales Support and Coordination+46 70 6097591h.lind@nulluni4marketing.se

Middle East

Linda Falk

Sales Support and Coordination+46 70 6097593l.falk@nulluni4marketing.se

North Africa

Riham Tayel

Sales Assistant Egypt+2 010 26 864 864riham.tayel@nulluni4marketing.se


Nicolas Zoghbi

IT Specialist+961 3 486127nzo@nulluni4marketing.se

Accounting & HR

Helena Hildebrand

Accounting & HR+46 70 6097592h.hildebrand@nulluni4marketing.se

Uni4 Marketing AB

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P.O Box 38174
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